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Vanni Saltarelli art

Vanni Saltarelli was born in Lombardy in 1945. His paintings are characterized by a highly dynamic representation of the figure in motion. Saltarelli’s work has become instantly recognizable and highly collectible due to the sense of physical danger, violence and eroticism displayed in his paintings.

 “The magic of his paintings lies in the powerful, sometimes painful eroticism.”

As a mode of public pedagogy, a state of permanent war needs willing subjects to abide by its values, ideology and narratives of fear and violence. Such legitimation is largely provided through a market-driven culture addicted to production of consumerism, militarism, and organized violence, largely circulated through various registers of popular culture that extend from high fashion and Hollywood movies to the creation of violent video games and music concerts sponsored by the Pentagon. The market-driven spectacle of war demands a culture of conformity, quiet intellectuals and a largely passive republic of consumers. But it also needs subjects who find intense pleasure in the spectacle of violence.


nothing says hope quite like flowers growing through the cracks in concrete

This is one of my favorite posts I’ve come across ever

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